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Susan Benjamin Feingold, PsyD, is a licensed clinical psychologist, author and adjunct professor at Illinois School of Professional Psychology, Chicago Campus of Argosy University. In her clinical practice, she has specialized for over twenty-four years in the treatment of women's reproductive-related mental health issues; Pregnancy and postpartum depression and anxiety disorders; Couple-relationship issues and sexual disorders.

Dr. Feingold is the author of the book, Happy Endings, New Beginnings: Navigating Postpartum Disorders (New Horizon Press, 2013) and the writer of the popular blog, post-postpartumdepressionblog.com.

In 2016, Dr. Feingold was given the honor of addressing the graduating classes, faculty and parents at the Argosy University graduation ceremony. She received the 2016 Distinguished Alumni Award for her work in perinatal issues and women’s mental health.

She has served as President of the Board of Trustees of Depression After Delivery, Inc., as well as serving on the executive board for many years.

Advisory Board Member for UBS Financial, Barry Wealth Consulting Group.

Over the past few years, Dr. Feingold has taught large training workshops for mental health workers co-sponsored by NAMI and the Lake County Health Department, presented at the Illinois Psychological Association and at the National Association of Social Workers, as well as has been a guest on radio talk shows in 10 major cities around the country. 

She has served as an expert witness to the Illinois Prison Review Board in the petition for Executive Clemency in the Debra Gindorf case, and participated in a national presentation with Attorney George Parnham (attorney of Andrea Yates, Texas case) at the Maternal Mental Illness & Criminal Justice System sponsored by Postpartum Support, International.

Past honors include being a representative for the American Psychological Association at several local press conferences with Representative Bobby Rush (D-IL), as well as in the U.S. House of Representatives at the presentation and passage of the Melanie Blocker Stokes Postpartum Depression Research and Care Act.

Other distinctions include being a keynote speaker at the 2014 conference of Postpartum Support, International; and a chair at APA for the panel discussion and film screening of “Pardon My Postpartum; The Depression You’re Not Supposed to Have.”

Dr. Feingold has been involved in facilitating support groups for perinatal women over the past eighteen years, has provided continuing education to nurses, physicians, medical students, mental health providers, midwives, doulas, social workers and lay audiences in the area of reproductive mental health, and has been involved in legislative efforts for women with postpartum depression on a state and national level.

Provider on PROS NETWORK Chicago, offering clinical treatment and resources to women sex workers in Chicago.

Her earlier clinical work was in such varied settings as a VA Medical Center, an outpatient community clinic, an alternative school, and at Great Lakes Naval Hospital. She also worked as a school psychologist providing assessments and psychotherapy to children and adolescents.

Interviews of Dr. Feingold have appeared in the Chicago Tribune, the Chicago Sun-TimesPeople magazine, Self magazine, and the APA Monitor, and been featured on The Point, a production of Bill Kurtis TV; Channel 7 TV News Report; WTTW Chicago Tonight with Phil Ponce; and Fox News.

Her published articles include: “The Illness That Robs New Mothers of Joy” in Motherhood: Pakistan’s First Parenting Magazine; “Adjusting After Baby” in Chicago Baby Resource Guide; “Postpartum Depression” in Birth Gazette: An International Journal for Midwives; and “There’s Help for Postpartum Depression” in Chicago Parent magazine.